Expanding the FSCC Economic Zone

FISCO Coin (FSCC) is a corporate token issued by FISCO Ltd. Using such means as making payments, FSCC aims to expand opportunities for its use in the real economy (FSCC Economic Zone).














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Promoting Logistics

From April 2020, FSCC transitioned from being a token to a leading currency on the Zaif Exchange. Going forward, it will move to enhance user friendliness from the UI/UX standpoint through Zaif Exchange.

Progress being made toward listing in overseas exchanges as well.

Enhancing Infrastructure

In May 2020, a plan was announced to change the FSCC protocol from Counterparty to ERC-20, which is used in various projects, so is expected to make things more convenient for users.

We are making steady progress with the development and release of an app to exercise voting rights at virtual general meetings of shareholders, an app for shareholder benefits, and an app for FSCC lending.

Lending application website:

Contests with total prize money exceeding ¥40 million are spurring additional business using FSCC
Prizewinning plan (NFT Marketplace):https://www.fisco.co.jp/uploads/20210525_fisco_pr_e.pdf

Forming a New Economic Zone

FSCC is a corporate token that FISCO issued in 2016. Using FSCC as a payment currency has the objective of forming the FISCO Coin Economic Zone with benefits for all users, not just companies.

Companies that introduce FSCC as a settlement currency

Companies that employ solutions utilizing FSCC

  • Virtual shareholders meeting (example)
  • Shareholder benefits platform (example)

  • Improving Services

    FSCC was adopted as a payment service by CLUB FISCO, operated by FISCO, in April 2020, and by e-frontier store, operated by e-frontier, Inc., a subsidiary of Kushim Inc., in May 2020. This made it possible to buy commercial materials at a price discounted by about 20% compared to the price using legal tender.

    Coinholder Participation

    FSCC was used as a gift for a Zaif Senryu poetry campaign that Zaif Exchange held in April 2020. Along with expanding the FISCO Coin Economic Zone with the mainly corporate participants who join from now, there will be an increasing number of opportunities for FSCC to be used in all sorts of campaigns.

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    FSCC Project

    Focus on the FSCC Project trend targeting increase in FSCC value (See chart).

    The FSCC project plan by FDAP is formulated based on income sources in the form of business revenue from the app for exercise voting rights at virtual general meetings of shareholders and the app for shareholder benefits. Part of the revenue of FDAP, which is the main driving force of the project, is to be allocated to fund the purchase of FISCO Coin.

    Characteristics of FDAP, which is responsible for increasing the value of FSCC

    ・Owns multiple Dapps, with cashflow generated from each app
    ・Selection of a scheme that embraces corporate-class apps rather than a fully decentralized scheme enables conformance with Japan’s taxation and accounting rules.
    ・Promote measures to increase FSCC price through demand-supply pressure ((1) increase holders, (2) increase FSCC’s TVL)